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Work at la Vie en Rose

Work at la Vie en Rose

Our head office in Montréal, Quebec, is constantly evolving. All our departments work as a team to offer collections that suit every taste.

Our departments and their mission


To ensure that the company’s brand image is clearly communicated. To support and stimulate sales by effectively communicating promotions while maximizing our customers’ shopping experience. Serving customers is our ultimate goal.


To communicate our promotions and company image through our website while maximizing sales via our online store. To demonstrate the excellence of our products, promotions, and the la Vie en Rose brand as well as the workplace environment. Serving customers is our ultimate goal.


To efficiently support the company’s growth; to ensure new stores open on time and at the best cost; and to maintain a superior level of quality for existing stores, the distribution centre and the head office. A safe and attractive workplace enhances our employees’ work experience and our clientele’s shopping experience. Serving customers is our ultimate goal.


Thanks to training, motivation, and effective communication with our sales teams, it is possible to provide the best shopping experience to our customers in terms of service. Serving customers is our ultimate goal.


To ensure we have the best product, in sufficient quantities, at the right place, at the right time, at the right price and with the right promotions, all the while respecting la Vie en Rose’s image and ensuring profitability. Serving customers is our ultimate goal.


In collaboration with the accounts payable, cash control, accounting and lease management departments, to verify and ensure the accuracy and integrity of the company’s financial information. A profitable company is one that can offer its customers’ the very best. Serving customers is our ultimate goal.


To plan and analyze costs, quality and needs in terms of material resources. To provide stores and the head office with an unparalleled purchasing service within the required deadlines, in order to maximize our contribution to the company. Serving customers is our ultimate goal.


La Vie en Rose is committed to collaborating with its international partners so that every element that defines the brand is in place to provide the optimal shopping experience to our clientele. The brand’s continuous development, the support and the passion of our global partners are at the heart of our operations. Supporting our partners and serving customers is our ultimate goal.

Visual presentation+-

To ensure optimal merchandising of our products while respecting the brand’s image and our position in order to provide our customers with a shopping experience that meets their expectations, and thus maximize sales potential. Serving customers is our ultimate goal.

Inventory and traffic+-

To expeditiously manage all the merchandising departments, in accordance with governmental laws, both international and Canadian, while ensuring the integrity of the level and value of inventory to provide a better in-store shopping experience. Internal and external customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Information systems+-

To provide technical support to stores, the distribution centre and the head office, and facilitate the implementation of new technologies in the company to offer unparalleled customer service at all times. Serving customers is our ultimate goal.

Merchandise allocation+-

To maximize the sales potential of every store by appropriately supplying products to stores by the required time while minimizing the costs per product. The availability of products helps provide a superior shopping experience to our customers. Serving customers is our ultimate goal.

Finance and administration+-

To ensure strategic planning to maintain company competitiveness in the Canadian and international retail industry. To maintain the company’s financial health, maximize profitability using budgetary controls and securing the necessary financing to support growth. A financially sound and profitable company can provide the optimal experience to its clientele, which is our ultimate goal.

Human resources – Payroll+-

To properly process payroll while respecting timeframes; and to provide support in terms of hiring, training, management of new hires, employment relations, and monitoring of company policies and procedures as well as applicable laws. Competent employees who are happy in the workplace are more attentive to our customers. Serving customers is our ultimate goal.

Design and product development+-

To ensure that la Vie en Rose always remains a trendy lingerie destination, offering innovative products and concepts that will be popular with our customers throughout the world. Serving customers is our ultimate goal.

Production and product standardization+-

To build relationships founded on trust with our agents and suppliers to ensure the development of products meeting high standards of quality across all categories, while respecting established deadlines. This allows us to provide the best shopping experience to our clients. Serving customers is our ultimate goal.

Many additional reasons to work at la Vie en Rose

A complete employee benefit program for full-time employees
Flexible hours
5 personal days per year
Referral bonuses
Annual salary reviews
Employee recognition program for years of service
Training programs
Reimbursement of tuition fees
Generous discounts on our products
An excellent work atmosphere
Career advancement opportunities within the company
A family company socially committed to the community
A cafeteria in the office

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