Meet our MuseTM ambassadors

These are the inspiring women behind the creation of the MuseTM bra collection.
Learn more about our fashionable mastectomy bras and let yourself be aspired.




Lyne’s breast cancer was diagnosed in 2020. For her, it is crucial to talk openly about this illness in order to demystify it.

"The la Vie en Rose MuseTM collection is very important because it allows women to have a beautiful bra with lace and removable prostheses; you can still feel feminine. For me, femininity is important and so is feeling great in your own skin; this bra really allows you to feel that way despite everything happening."


Céline’s breast cancer was discovered in 2016. Already a loyal MuseTM customer, she accepted to play model with confidence and revelled in the experience.

"I needed to get dressed for a gala and had heard of the la Vie en Rose MuseTM products so I went to a store to get some information and I was welcomed with open arms; it really was a personalised service. When I want to go out and feel feminine, I always know that Muse does the trick, it fits perfectly and stays in place. With the MuseTM bra I feel confident. "

The MuseTM collection

Made in two styles, available year-round in basic colours and in season hues and prints, la Vie en Rose MuseTM bras are suitable for women who have undergone a single or double mastectomy or have a highly sensitive breast area due to breast cancer treatments and procedures.
La Vie en Rose offers free shipping at all times on all Muse mastectomy bras.

It all began with a loyal customer who, after undergoing a double mastectomy, couldn’t find a bra that suited her needs without compromising the lingerie esthetic. Inspired and touched by her story, la Vie en Rose worked with her to create a post-mastectomy bra that would be affordable, functional, comfortable and charming, helping women get their confidence back.

The secret of MuseTM bras
is in the details


01 - Patented pads

Figure-corrective pads developed and patented by la Vie en Rose. The lower section of these innovative pads is filled with gel in order to add weight and create natural movement, and their upper section contains microbeads for a perfect fit. Lighter and much cooler than the prostheses available on the market, the la Vie en Rose Muse™ pads are more comfortable and can be hand-washed.


02 - A perfect fit

Straps positioned closer to the centre of the cups allowing a closer fit.


03 - Quality fabrics

Ultra-soft microfibre lining to avoid skin irritations.


04 - Lace details for a feminine touch

Lace yoke between cups to cover radiotherapy marks.


05 - Designed for your comfort

Lower cut to reduce chafing under the arms.


06 - In harmony with your silhouette

Firm cups for a perfectly balanced silhouette.


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that have women’s wellness at heart.