Going for a swim? Whether you prefer full or medium back coverage, we have many types of bottoms to help you feel your best.


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Discover the Perfect Bikini Bottoms 

A bikini that's as pretty as it is comfortable is perfect for basking in the sun or relaxing at the spa! Be ready for any vacation, long or short, with these great styles. la Vie en Rose offers a variety of designs made from quality materials so you can find the perfect swimsuit bottom for you. 

Explore Our Versatile Options 

Bikinis are not only about tops; they are also about bottoms! Fortunately, la Vie en Rose swimsuit bottoms are designed to always be both comfortable and stable! 

To satisfy all women, we offer multiple bikini bottom options, as well as three different height types. You'll find low-rise, mid-rise, and high waist in several of our cuts. Be sure to find a style that suits you, whether you prefer a revealing swimsuit bottom or one with more coverage. 

Choose Your Coverage 

Our cuts come in three levels of back coverage. To have less fabric covering your buttocks, you can choose a minimal coverage like thong bikini or high cut bikini bottoms. For medium back coverage, the brazilian bikini, cheeky bikini, and hipster styles are the preferred options. Finally, for full coverage swimwear bottoms, the bikini, boyshort and swim skirts are great choices. 

Mix and Match for Your Perfect Look 

Not only are they available in a variety of cuts, la Vie en Rose bikini bottoms are offered in different colors, prints, and sometimes in textured fabrics. They are very versatile and can be paired with different bikini tops. You can find matching tops, but also mix and match styles to get the bikini of your dreams. 

Eco-Friendly Choices 

Some of our swimwear bottoms are made with recycled fibers to give plastic a second life. Don't hesitate to look at our sustainable swimwear collection to make an eco-friendlier choice. 

Enhance Your Swimwear Experience 

For a sleek and classic look, explore our collection of black bikini bottoms. Pair them with our stylish beach cover-ups to complete your outfit effortlessly. If you're unsure about sizing, our swimsuit guide and swimsuit size chart offer valuable tips to help you find the perfect fit. Additionally, to ensure your swimwear stays looking new, learn how to care for your swimwear with our expert tips. 

Don’t wait any longer ! Discover our selection of trendy swimsuit bottoms and find your perfect summer style at la Vie en Rose !